The great father and son inspirational talk on what you can and can not do, running is never the right option to select but solving the problem which you are into is the mean which your life justifies. Success has been and contagios to be defined is getting up one more time as many times as you have been knocked out, there is no secret, if experince has taught me anything then nothing is free and living aint easy, its upto you who can puff up your chest and strecth your neck to face all the nasty, the mean, the unfair, you want more then you have now, prove it ! You want the very best that there is, then get out there and earn it. Once you decide that where you want be then you will get all the success and success is all we want at the end ov the day. We all want to win and the race will be won. So come on, this is in you, you can do this. Think more and dream bigger to achive all your goals which people think you can not do. This video clip was taken from the Movie Rocky which he is trying to explain his son that do not let anyone else tell you what you can not do. Belive in yourself and you will get what you want. No matter how much world is good with you from the outside, it will bring you down, no matter how much tough you are, it will bring you down to your knees. Abdullah Cheema.